A total of nine Loyola football players have committed to play college football

Nine graduating Loyola football players have committed to play collegiate football. Yesterday it was erroneously reported that seven Cubs would play football in college. The complete list is as follows:

   Name                    Position                              College
DEAMIL AGUILAR (def. back)                         University of La Verne
JAC CASASANTE (long snapper)                    USC
COLLIN FLINTOFT (punter)                             CAL
ALEX JOHNSON (wide receiver, def. back)     UCLA
TY MAHAR (center)                                         Colby College
JORDAN McMILLAN (linebacker)                    USC
DAKOTA SMITH (outside linebacker)              South Dakota State
TOMMY VANIS (outside linebacker)                Cal
BRAYDEN UTLEY (off. line/def. line)               Baylor

Six Cubs will be on the roster at USC next fall and five will play for UCLA. A total of 13 Loyola grads will be on the football rosters of Pac-12 universities in 2018. The headliners are MYLES BRYANT '16, a starting corner at Washington; CHRISTIAN RECTOR '15, a starting defensive lineman at USC; CHRIS BROWN '14, a starting offensive guard at USC; and STEFAN FLINTOFT '14, UCLA's staring punter.